Ring of Honor Getting its Big Break

For wrestling fans Jim Cornette is a legend.

For those with just a passing interest, he’s the old WCW manager who carried the tennis racket.

Now he’s running Ring of Honor, the indie rock of wrestling. Only the indie band just singed with a major label.

ROH will begin airing nationwide on Sinclair Broadcasting stations on Saturday. Locally, Ring of Honor will air on the CW Network Saturday at 10 p.m. and Sunday at 11 p.m.; and on My LVTV Saturday at 1 p.m. and 1 a.m.

Get Cornette on the phone and his famous rants in his southern drawl come quick. Part huckster and part wrestling truth-teller, the 50-year-old Cornette believes in taking wrestling back into the ring – stripping away much of the soap opera drama and over-the-top storylines.

“We don’t tell stories, we make matches,” he said. “We tell people who they are and put them in the ring.”

Ring of Honor relies on athletic in-ring action, using guys like Las Vegas resident Kenny King, one half of tag-team The All Night Express.

“It’s exactly what wrestling needs in this century,” said Cornette. “We don’t need Hulk Hogan and Sting in a main event with a combined age of 120.”