(PG-13) ★★☆☆☆

Taylor Lautner is Nathan, a teen who finds himself on the run when enemy agents attack his home and the people he knew as his parents aren’t who they say they are. A class project with his neighbor (Lily Collins) leads them to an online photo of toddler Nathan, reported as a missing child. In digging further, they trigger revelations about Nathan’s past and a desperate escape that sends boy and girl on the lam, with no idea of who is after them or whom they can trust.

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Some people think that this mainstream pop-rock quintet can’t rock. Certainly, frontman Adam Levine’s gig on family-friendly The Voice doesn’t help his street cred. But seeing him live does. The quintet rocked the Pearl so hard the roof should have blown off. The band was in top form, maybe because MTV was taping the sold-out concert for a special that will be aired later this year.