Ain’t nothin’ but a Z thing

The iHeartRadio Festival was about taking a bunch of the biggest names in pop music and jamming them on to one stage—a battered music industry’s kind of desperate attempt to win back your attention and affection, not unlike a crazed ex-boyfriend buying you flowers and candy and tickets to What’s Your Number? Because he knows how much you like those kinds of chick flicks and he’ll finally go without rolling his eyes because he’s changed, baby—just give him one more shot.

One published report made the claim that most festival performers weren’t being paid for the show, designed to promote the iHeartRadio online station, and that they were more concerned about the money they could rake in from club appearances.

It worked out pretty smooth then that Tao was celebrating its 1,000th night on Sept. 23, right when Jay-Z was in town.

Hov didn’t just go it alone, though. He got together with Dr. Dre while Tao presented him with a $100,000 15-liter bottle of Ace of Spades Champagne, delivered on a throne with court jesters trailing. So it’s nice to see them take the understated option, for a change.

Dre spent part of his night at Gold Lounge, where he was hosting a private party with and Jimmy Iovine that was so crammed, overflow seating was in the Deuce Lounge. Which is where Coldplay drummer Will Champion had to go. At least that’s what they told him. We’re assuming the bouncers were instructed that under no circumstances were members of Coldplay to be admitted.

Meanwhile, Jermaine Dupri was celebrating his 39th birthday at Tao, and Jay-Z sent over Ace of Spades and Patrón for the occasion. Natasha Bedingfield led a dance-off among her backup dancers at a cluster of tables that included, David Guetta, Usher and Nicole Scherzinger, while Joe Jonas, Ashley Greene, Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke had another spot. Those last two, paired on Dancing With the Stars, left after only an hour. Because who’d want to party with Jay-Z and Dre when you could get up early for rhumba practice?

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