Bright Eyes

Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool, Sept. 24

For many fans, this band—with its moody, evocative lyrics—is the truest measure of “emo” music. And it seems that even the weather took notice of their arrival, framing the Boulevard Pool with temperamental skies. From the opening chords of “Four Winds” to the passionate “Calendar Hung Itself,” a very high-energy Bright Eyes showcased one perfectly crafted song after another. They played a wide range of tunes from all their albums, but the evening’s high point was “Lover I Don’t Have to Love,” from Lifted.

The only detriment to the show was the venue’s sound—the vocals tended to get lost in the overpowering instrumental noise. That aside, Bright Eyes proved that they still have the ability to reach into the deepest emotions of their audience, reminding people why they fell in love with the Nebraska boys in the first place.