Cheyenne Saloon, Sept. 23

It takes quite a bit of talent to transform a typical saloon into an ambient daydream. Fortunately, Dreamwire has that talent. From the top of their set until the very last strum, the Vegas-based shoegaze act kept a constant flow of melodic tunes surging from the speakers.

Dreamwire was the headlining act in a charity event for Huntington’s Disease awareness. Everyone swayed and watched in an appreciative gloominess as the band played most of the songs from their self-titled debut album. They opened up their set with “Alien”: Amber “Clove” Corby sang like a siren while bandmates Joshua “Lowtone” Stuart and Nathan Geving accompanied with guitars. The band showed off their skills during fan-favorite “City Lights.” It was very impressive to see the band perform in total unison—switching from keyboards to guitars and back as the show progressed. From the intense cymbal-crashing to the other-worldly lyrics, the members of Dreamwire were quite the extraterrestrials.

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Small-Screen Scares

Small-Screen Scares

By Bob Whitby

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