Not Quite New Romantics

On Sept. 30, just in time for “Secret Oktober,” the grand wizards of the New Wave era Duran Duran visit The Joint ($86-$146)—and according to’s Karen Duran (no relation), who attended a Sept. 1 tour preview gig in the U.K., they’re bringing some old, rarely heard magic to the stage. “Fans were treated to a 17-song set of mostly rarities old and new,” she writes, noting that they performed such vintage tracks as “Tiger Tiger,” “Hold Back the Rain” and “Shadows on Your Side.” A set list from their Sept. 8 show in England reveals a few hits, including “Notorious” and “Come Undone,” but for the most part they’re playing new material and seldom-heard older material. Whatever you may think of Duran Duran, you have to admit that’s a bold choice for a 33-year-old band. And they really are a fun band to watch—tight, well-seasoned and generous to fans.

YOU NEED LOVE LIKE THAT: One of the bands I saw opening for Duran Duran back in the day was Erasure. Then as now, this synth-pop duo—due at the Pearl on Sept. 30 ($45-$77)—knows how to put on a flashy but satisfying show. Alison of described the band’s Sept. 11 stop in Toronto as a “mildly Gothic, genre-crossing stage explosion.” She lavishes praise on singer Andy Bell—time has not diminished his voice or “prancing muscular full body moves”—and gushes over a set positively teeming with hits: “A Little Respect,” “Chains of Love” and “Chorus.”

NOW ON SALE: Good God, y’all, we gotta go see Stevie Nicks at The Joint on Oct. 15 ($45.50-131)—if for no other reason than to prove to ourselves that she’s not an urban myth. The former Fleetwood Mac singer is touring behind an acclaimed new album, In Your Dreams … but she’s got to perform some of her old, twirl-worthy material. And at least one tambourine solo.