We knew a pool named Nikki

Hey, have you made it down to Nikki Beach? Too late.

From the Department of Merciless Turnover, Nikki Beach, and its attendant Club Nikki, are out at the Tropicana, just four months after the worldwide beach club made its debut on the Strip.

The Trop terminated its management agreement with Nikki Beach Las Vegas and Penrod Management Group because of “failure by NBLV to comply with and perform the covenants, agreements, terms and conditions set forth therein, and NBLV’s repudiation of its contractual obligation to achieve a targeted ‘net income’ for the clubs.”

No money, mo’ problems.

According to Fred Harmon, Tropicana’s vice president of brand and image relations, the names of Nikki Beach Club, Club Nikki and Café Nikki will remain in place “for the near future.” Presumably, just through the end of this pool season, with new names debuting in the spring.

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