The Occupation Begins

Attention Las Vegas 99 percenters: The town that’s made ignoring reality big business is joining in the national protest, and you’re invited. Occupy Las Vegas is planning a march Oct. 6 in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, the loose-knit group of protestors going into their third week of camping out in New York City’s financial district to voice their displeasure with corporate greed, government bailouts and the state of things in general. Our taste of civil disobedience begins at 3 p.m. on the Strip in front of New York, New York for symbolic reasons, and rolls at 4 p.m.

Since its humble beginning Sept. 17, Occupy Wall Street has gone national with occupations in dozens of cities. The “$#!t Hit the Span”—serious respect to the New York Post headline writers—this weekend when 700 occupiers were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge. Asked Sept. 30 if he’ll allow the protests to continue indefinitely, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg said, “We’ll see.”

Nothing would light a match to this kindling better than televised, YouTubed, Tweeted and Facebooked images of New York’s finest in riot gear bashing heads and looking all totalitarian in their jackboots. Until that happens, we’ve got a pretty passive bunch of youngish hipsters demanding
nothing in particular, and an occasional pep talk from Michael Moore, but a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. 

Like Occupations around the country, Las Vegas’ is non-hierarchical, though from the looks of their website they are scrambling to put an organization in place. They already have teams for security, media, entertainment, legal, technology and propaganda. Follow the developments on Twitter @OccupyLasVegas.