(R) ★★★☆☆

Although it’s a cancer film, the tender and funny 50/50 addresses its subject with a refreshing lack of melodrama, making it transcend the usual. Based on the true story of Will Reiser, a comedy writer and friend of Seth Rogen’s, the movie follows Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who gets diagnosed with the C-word. The film follows how Adam and his best friend, among others, get on with life. “Help me help you get laid!” Rogen’s character says. The grace notes make this film memorable.

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Tour Buzz

Not Quite New Romantics

By Geoff Carter

On Sept. 30, just in time for “Secret Oktober,” the grand wizards of the New Wave era Duran Duran visit The Joint ($86-$146)—and according to Examiner.com’s Karen Duran (no relation), who attended a Sept. 1 tour preview gig in the U.K., they’re bringing some old, rarely heard magic to the stage. “Fans were treated to a 17-song set of mostly rarities old and new,” she writes, noting that they performed such vintage tracks as “Tiger Tiger,” “Hold Back the Rain” and “Shadows on Your Side.” A set list from their Sept.