Gyoza, Monta

This bustling noodle shop’s gyoza, or hand-made dumplings, take a little extra time, so when you order, the waitress will immediately shout over your shoulder to the kitchen that you’d like some. The gyoza are made in-house daily with pork and vegetables, then pan-fried for a nice crust on the outside. Make your own dipping sauce from the accoutrements in front of you: soy sauce, a little vinegar and a little chili oil or shichimi seven spice. $5, 5030 Spring Mountain Road, Suite 6, 367-4600.

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Front and Central


Front and Central

By Max Jacobson

It’s no mean feat to reproduce a successful restaurant in a different town. But Washington, D.C. chef Michel Richard is making the attempt at Central, his new 24/7 bistro in Caesars Palace. Central (pronounced sen-TRAHL) took Washington, D.C., by storm with Richard’s combination of classic French dishes such as moules frites, American comfort foods including fried chicken, a superb, caper-y filet mignon tartare, and a large array of his trademark desserts, all available here.