House-Smoked Salmon Pizza, Spago

Wolfgang Puck pioneered the California-style pizza, using nouveau ingredients that go well beyond sausage and pepperoni. The smoked salmon pizza has been a mainstay at Spago throughout the years, but it’s not on the menu. A thin-crust pizza is built with crème fraîche and silky smoked salmon, then topped with an only-in-Beverly-Hills twist: caviar and gold leaf. Each bite is worth every penny—all 3,700 of ’em! $27, $37 (with caviar), in the Forum Shops at Caesars, 369-6300.

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By Max Jacobson

It’s no mean feat to reproduce a successful restaurant in a different town. But Washington, D.C. chef Michel Richard is making the attempt at Central, his new 24/7 bistro in Caesars Palace. Central (pronounced sen-TRAHL) took Washington, D.C., by storm with Richard’s combination of classic French dishes such as moules frites, American comfort foods including fried chicken, a superb, caper-y filet mignon tartare, and a large array of his trademark desserts, all available here.