Margera celebrates birthday, makes fun of father

For everything Bam Margera’s parents have had to endure in the service of their son’s television show, it seems like tickets to Viva Elvis is a thin salve to those emotional “Oh God, our son makes his living by destroying our personal property and overall sense of dignity” wounds.

So Margera did the nice thing Sept. 30 and brought the lifelong Elvis fans April and Phil—who saw the King perform here in the ‘70s—out from Philadelphia to see the show and to celebrate Margera’s 32nd birthday.

After that, it was back to situation normal.

Margera and his parents celebrated the big 3-2 at Studio 54 on Oct 1. While mom April got on the mic to talk to the crowd, when it came cake time, Margera said, “Of course Phil wants cake” and tried to shove his dad’s face into it. Oh, what a fun-loving scamp who if he had any other father in the history of fathers would have been mercilessly beaten half to death with a belt ages ago.

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