Where’s the party at? There’s an app for that!

Get ready to see your virtual world and your real world converge with impending launch of Clubdango, a Las Vegas-based but worldwide relevant nightlife app that lets you know what deals are available nearby no matter where you are.

“Vegas is the Entertainment Capital of the World,” says Clubdango co-founder/chief technical officer, Glen Testamark, who also created a similar social entertainment app, iHost.

“Yet even with the millions of dollars spent on marketing in Vegas nightlife, some people will still slip through the cracks and/or not know who and how to contact a venue they may have heard about or what is available to them once they get there.” Enter Clubdango.

Something of a lovechild born of Groupon, Living Social, Woot and “your guy” at the velvet ropes, Clubdango is a one-tap app for finding nightlife events here and abroad. It not only tells you what’s going on and where, but also what deals are available to you right now. Once booked, the deal comes down.

“This will tell any user everything that is available to them in any given market, instantly and in real time, with direct access to the host venue or deal provider, with no middleman or hassles,” says Testamark. He and co-founder/chief financial officer Jimmy Cahill have a combined 30 years of sales experience.

Testamark foresees nightclubs using Clubdango to sell tables and populate their guestlists. Bars and lounges can offer reduced cover, liquor brands can push happy hours and bands can promote themselves. The clincher: These deals don’t require a critical mass buying in to activate the discount, Clubdango never handles the financial transaction and instead of you trying to find a deal, the deals find you.

The app goes live by Nov. 1, and is free to download to your iPhone, iPad, Android and, soon, your Blackberry, plus you can always log on at Clubdango.com.

So sign us up! No, seriously, sign us up.