Guy Savoy

Chef Savoy has a son here, Franck, who is now director of food and beverage at Caesars Palace, home to this palace of gastronomy. As a result, the renowned chef comes to visit us often, which gives his restaurant better quality and consistency than those owned by his rivals.

A dinner here starts with a parade of tiny amuse-bouches such as a foie gras club sandwich, a Parmesan waffle and a thumbnail-size burger inspired by a visit to In-N-Out. The restaurant hasn’t slipped under new chef de cuisine Mathieu Chartron, a kid with talent, looks and great technique. Especially during autumn, core dishes—such as artichoke soup with black truffle, Peas All Around and the seasonal game—are still vaut le voyage, or worth a trip, as the French say. Combine that with faultless service, an amazing wine list and that certain je ne sais quoi, et voilà. Perfection!

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