HK Star

There are some great Chinese restaurants on the Strip, but some are only open to Chinese high-rollers, while others—such as Pearl at MGM Grand and the Michelin-star-winning Wing Lei at the Wynn—can be astronomically expensive. As to the question, then, of bang for the buck, authenticity and good tasting food, HK Star, in a strip mall at the western end of Chinatown, wins by a nose.

The food at this celebrated dumpling house is fairly classic, the ambience is bright lights and the service hectic. Most people eat at large tables with lazy Susans and order dishes such as live fish steamed on the bone with garlic and ginger, spare ribs with black-bean sauce and enormous clay-pot dishes such as three-cup chicken. There are also leafy sautéed Chinese greens, pea shoots, ong choy or whatever else is fresh and in season.

The bill? Expect to pay roughly one-third of what you’d pay for the same food at a fancy place in a megaresort.

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