The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel, Oct. 8

Lead singer Brandon Boyd performed to a sold-out crowd with enthusiasm and hypnotic energy reminiscent of the 20-year-old band’s most popular years in the early 2000s. The five-piece outfit satisfied old and new fans with songs from their summer album If Not Now, When? and classics “Privilege,” “Drive” and “Wish You Were Here.” With an extended jam session, a stellar light show and psychedelic visuals, it seemed as if Incubus’ goal was to take the audience on an out-of-body experience. They achieved that goal as many chanted along to lyrics with their eyes closed and arms reaching to the stage. Boyd’s long signature locks and shirtless, toned physique made him resemble a modern-day rock ’n’ roll Jesus. But he seemed to be going for an earlier era when he added a verse of the Doors’ “Riders On the Storm” to “Are You In?” Whatever the decade, the answer is yes.