East Side Cannery, Sept. 30

After a few years on hiatus, the 18-year-old Latin Grammy-winning Mexican norteña group Intocable came back without missing a beat. Ditto for their fans who lined the rows of the concert hall at East Side Cannery dancing with their partners.

Singer Ricky Muñoz and the band took requests from the crowd for mid-’90s throwbacks “Enseñame a Olividar” and “Eres mi Droga.” A majority of the set consisted of audience sing-alongs to popular material, but it also included songs from their new album, 2011. Following a long stretch of their more romantic ballads, Intocable ripped it up on the accordion, giving the crowd a big jolt of energy. They played nonstop for two hours, and even then the crowd didn’t want Intocable to leave.

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