Jake Saady

Vice president of marketing, Light Group, age 31

Style icons: Tom Ford, Stefano Tonchi and Giorgio Armani.

What he’s wearing now: Tom Ford sport jacket and shirt, Etro pocket square, Joe’s jeans and Prada shoes.

Working in nightlife means Saady must look sharp all the time. Long days at the office can turn into long nights in one of Light Group’s many venues. “I always keep a pressed suit and a dress shirt in my car in case of an emergency. A stop at home for a quick refresh at dusk is a must.” If you see him bouncing from venue to venue, chances are he’s wearing a Dior black suit, crisp white shirt and a carefully selected pocket square for a touch of color. But if you catch him outside the neon bubble, you might see a different side of Saady. “I just got a leather jacket from John Varvatos that is a bit forward for Vegas, but I look forward to wearing it in New York and L.A. this winter.”