Lupe Fiasco

The Pearl at the Palms, Oct. 9


On a Sunday night when most people are home preparing for the week ahead, fans were chanting Lupe Fiasco’s name like he was a wrestling star. In return, Fiasco gave one helluva performance. Dressed in black with a Chanel rag hanging out of his back pocket, the rapper blasted off with the politically charged single “Words I Never Said.” Fiasco roared through old and new favorites (from “Kick Push” to “Superstar”) while applauding the Occupy Wall Street movement and imploring people to continue being active in the community. As the show came to a close, Fiasco announced that everyone would be a part of his new video for “I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now.” With a cameraman in tow, Fiasco and his band doused the crowd with super soakers and water bottles, leaving everyone drenched and exhausted. As the clock struck midnight and Fiasco took a bow, the chants for “Lupe” grew to deafening heights.