Sites to See

Homeboy Got 50 Pair


You’d think that Run/DMC said all there is to be said about sneakers in “My Adidas,” but Nice Kicks shreds that theory and, to borrow an immortal hip-hop idiom, cold-takes command. This online journal of rubber-soled enlightenment delivers several posts a day related to sneakers and sneakery, every one of them rich with images, commentary and not a little bit of coveting. Last month saw the Nice Kicks crew salivating over the Nike MAG, a limited-edition high-top sneaker based on a design from the 1989 movie Back to the Future II, which Nike is auctioning off to benefit Parkinson’s Disease research … but they also showed off some Air Jordan prototypes, teased some stylish new Vans that skaters can wear to formal events, and gave a tantalizing look at Adidas’ Stan Smith 2 tennis shoe, which needs to be in my closet right now. (I’m a size 11. Cough.) Know that the iPhone rule applies here: Anything you see on Nice Kicks will be obsolete by the time you get around to buying it.

Travelin’ Matt


There’s a strong chance that “Nomadic Matt” Kepnes is out of the country right now. By his accounting, the travel blogger and Ryan Bingham-ish frequent flier jets out of the States some 25 times a year, and he proudly states that everything he owns fits in a backpack. Usually, travel writers such as Kepnes are kind of insufferable—they go to lengths to make you feel bad for buying a house and holding a job—but Kepnes takes a softer and more helpful approach, freely offering up expert opinions that can and will help you to get traveling. He tells you how to get cheap flier miles; he busts up the “put a Canadian flag on your backpack” idea; he even tells you how to travel without fears or anxieties. He’s really does instill the mad wanderlust in you.

Free Hands


Samer Kurdi would like to change the name of his blog. “I like FreewareGenius,” the site editor writes, “but I am afraid it is too limiting for the type of content that I would like to publish.” If that new content is anything like what he’s currently running on the site—brief reviews of free software programs, many of which I use and love—then he should be able to hang on to the “Genius” part without much difficulty. This past month, FreewareGenius revealed how to get 21 gigabytes of free online storage (sign up with; how to automatically download an ever-changing selection of Flickr images as desktop wallpaper (check out; and best of all, how to easily transcribe interviews from digital files using a free, customizable program called PotPlayer. FreewareGenius begins with common problems and looks for the least expensive and most direct ways of solving them. And oh yeah, the blog gives you the ability to tweak your nose at Microsoft, Adobe, Norton and dozens of other companies who have heretofore owned your geek ass.