Smashing Pumpkins

Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan, Oct. 8

By the time you read this, Smashing Pumpkins might have a completely different roster. They’ve made more changes to their lineup than the Real Housewives have had plastic surgery. This version, which really should tour under the name “Billy Corgan and some capable musicians” features drummer Mike Byrne, guitarist Jeff Schroeder and bassist Nicole Fiorentino (who actually used to be a touring member of the band). They performed adequately, but the audience was so bored with the set list and song structure, it didn’t really matter.

Of the 18-song set, six were new jams off upcoming album Oceania and recent EP releases, the highlight being “Owata,” a song that would have fit nicely with classic Pumpkins’ tune “Tonight, Tonight” (not played). Four tracks from Siamese Dream made the set (“Cherub Rock” was the only hit). Of the three from Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, only “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” had the crowd of casual fans excited. Extended guitar solos, lack of crowd interaction and a bevy of deep tracks left the show-goers apathetic and often wondering aloud, “When are they going to play a song I know?” Hey Billy, experimentation and pushing your artistry are admirable, but when you are introducing your new group to your old fans, giving them a little more of what they wanted would have gone a long way.