What We’re Into / What We’re Over

What We’re Into

Sharing. Think of it as a pooling of resources: Tomahawk chops for two, tableside salads, tapas, small plates … Need we go on?

Adultifying foods. It’s been another rough year, and more and more we’re finding comfort in childhood favorites of all kinds, whether it be mini hot dogs or fried PB&J. Next thing you know, chefs will be cutting off our crusts.

Healthy alternative menus. The Wynn resort famously took the lead in this movement, with vegan menus now available property-wide. But further evidence is piling up all over town, down to the alternative dessert menu at Elements Kitchen & Martini Bar (4950 S. Rainbow Blvd.), whose desserts rely on natural sweeteners and juices.

Lowbrow brew.
 PBR is the water of life on hip and happenin’ Fremont East, and Old Style has popped up on taps at more than one place around town. As much as nouveau-Belgians, home-brewing and craft beer are enjoying immense growth, low-brow brew is what the kids are drinking.

Wine beyond the bottles.
 Plenty of restaurants have put down the bottle and picked up high-end alternatives to glass. For a high-quality wine that just happens to come in a box, try the A Mo Pá insolia or nero d’Avola at Due Forni (3555 S. Town Center Drive) or at the secret pizza joint at the Cosmo. Or, go a step further and enjoy local winemaker William Sherer’s Iberian Remix wines on tap at RM Seafood.

Molecular gastronomy. Spanish superstar chef José Andrés brought this style of cuisine to Vegas at E Bar in the Cosmo. The shape-shifting—form-changing cooking that relies on 21st-century apparatuses such as the PacoJet and reverse griddle—is growing in stature. Anyone for grapefruit risotto? Look for more bizarre combinations to surface soon.

Phone apps. What hath Zagat wrought? They’ve sold out to Google, and apps for your mobile devices are multiplying. Now you can just click on your home screen to find OpenTable, Trip Advisor or any of hundreds of regional and large city restaurant maps, reservation portals and reviews.

What We’re Over

Cupcakes. We get it: They’re cute. But they’re difficult to eat and far too twee. Let us once again eat cake!

Mac and cheese. Everyone has done their own version of this American classic, plying it with everything from designer hams to Maine lobster, not to mention making it with obscure pastas and oddball cheeses. Whatever happened to good old Kraft? Enough already!

Menus that list the provenance of every item. Do we really care about the name of some farmer in Idaho that we’ve never heard of, or the résumé of that microbrewer? Some menus read like War and Peace. All we want, actually, is for our burgers not to be overcooked and our beers to be cold.

Food trucks. We still have great food trucks such as Sloppi Jo’s and Top Notch Barbeque, but there are too many now. Plus, be honest: Do you really like to eat standing up?

Bacon. We love bacon. Boy, do we love bacon. And there’s plenty of evidence of that on these pages. But now that it has invaded everything from vodka to doughnuts, it’s high time we looked to a new meat to exploit. When was the last time you had a porchetta cupcake?

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