Parrothead No. 1 makes a surprise appearance

If you were wondering whether Project Linq could be a hit or not, use Friday as a case study. More than 1,000 Parrotheads jammed into the alley space betwixt O’Sheas and the Flamingo for the ceremonial pouring of a giant margarita. And this is before the whole thing gets shined up. We’re pretty sure that space is made entirely of garbage and mummified cats previously seen buried under junk in episodes of Hoarders.

To celebrate the opening of the Margaritaville Casino, Flamingo President Rick Mazer brought the folks from Guinness World Records in to verify that the Lucky Rita—an 8,500-gallon cocktail that sat at street-level—was, in fact, the world’s largest margarita. (Turns out it was, beating last year’s record-setting champ of 7,627 gallons, mixed at Ricardo’s— just a little something for all you giant margarita trivia nerds.)

There to mark the occasion was Jimmy Buffet himself, looking out proudly at the people in loud shirts wearing leis and balloons on their heads while crammed into a service alley. Truly, an Alexander-the-Great-wept-for-there-were-no-more-worlds-to-conquer moment for our time.

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