Why Downtowners Think 2012 Will Be the Year of Downtown

1. The Mob Museum opens Feb. 14. What’s better for stirring community pride than a monument to our criminal past?

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2. The new City Hall opens in late February. Brought to you by a guy who digs the Mob.

3. Zappos begins moving its headquarters to the former City Hall building in March. They should just get it over with and buy the rest of downtown.

4. The Smith Center for the Performing Arts opens March 10. Stop by after the Mob Museum to catch master banjoist Béla Fleck!

5. The Neon Museum Visitors Center opens in late spring. In a city filled with bright ideas, this was one of the best.

6. The Lied Discovery Children’s Museum moves to The Smith Center in November. The new joint is more than 20,000 square feet larger than the old one. Don’t misplace the kids!

7. The Las Vegas Monorail extends to a thriving Neonopolis. This will happen on Dec. 32. Mark your calendar.