Occupying Paradise

As of Friday morning, Occupy Las Vegas finally has a place to occupy. The group protesting rapacious capitalism, unemployment, bank bailouts and anything else you got handy signed an agreement with Clark County that will allow them to hang out 24/7 for 30 days on a six-acre tract of empty land on 4700 Paradise Road, between Tropicana and Harmon, right across the street from the Thomas & Mack Center parking lot. It’s a good spot. Maybe a few UNLV commuter students will cruise past the encampment on their way to Poli Sci 101 and decide to do a little field research.

Occupy Las Vegas hasn’t lost steam since their inaugural rally Oct. 6. Quite the opposite. They’ve marched on Fremont Street, showed up at the Clark County Commission, built a functioning organization, and now they have a place to live. There’s already talk among members of setting up the lot to resemble a town, a la Zuccotti Park in New York. And our weather is better in the winter.