Little Darlings Takes All Shapes and Sizes

It’s been weeks, and yet I can still see it so clearly. Big women doing things you don’t think big women can do. I, of course, am talking about Little Darlings’ annual BBW Night. Large women stripping to a packed house of connoisseurs of the rotund, those who were there to have fun, those who were there to poke fun, and those who were shocked at what they witnessed.

My friend Tech G has always had a penchant for the larger ladies. I thought this would be the perfect event to take him to. He, however, was not pleased. After the first round when I asked him if he was enjoying himself, he said, “It makes me want to go to the gym right now.” But these girls could move. They were flexible, full of energy and worked their sexual magic on a good portion of the crowd, some of whom even made it rain, because what a visit to the strip club without that?

As Round 2, the lap dance competition, took place Tech confided in me, “I’ve never seen anything this bad and I’ve seen Pootie Tang.” One woman took on three guys with her lap dancing skills. It should be noted that these dances took place on a large, velvety chair, with a man standing behind to reinforce it.

Alas, I thought Tech would try to pick up some of the contestants, but when I asked him if he would sleep with any of them, he blankly responded, “I wouldn’t let them do my taxes.” “But you love big women” I retorted. “This is like Scared Straight,” he answered.

Jason Harris is a local stand-up comedian.