Drake shares the love, the booze

Also marking the inexorable passage of time and slow surrender to the ravages of aging this weekend: Drake.

The Canadian rapper visited Tao on Oct. 22 to celebrate his 25th birthday with Cash Money co-founder Birdman and fellow mic-rocker Mack Maine, and he did it with lots and lots of free booze. First, he got the customary bottle angel treatment, and thanked his server for risking her life. Then he bought 200 shots for the crowd, saying, “I’m celebrating my birthday and want you all to celebrate with me. Go to the bar and get your shot on me.” Hey, for free booze, we’d even listen to “Best I Ever Had” again.

Finally, a nearby table sent more than 20 bottles of champagne, and instead of hoarding it all for himself (which is what we would’ve done and is also why no one ever comes to our parties), he walked onto the dance floor and started handing out bottles, like the great American folk hero Johnny Boozyseed.

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