Foster the People

The Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan, Oct. 20

A buzz electrified the casino hours before the band of the moment would take the stage. And why not? The indie hotshots were getting ready to play the last stop on their I Feel Good tour. Descending upon the Boulevard Pool was a legion of fans. They expected one gigantic dance party, and that’s exactly what they got. In what was a very short but powerful 10-song set, Foster the People grabbed the capacity crowd with “Houdini” and “Miss You,” songs that shot the energy level sky-high—fans jumped, waved hands and sang at the top of their lungs. The band used passionate drumming and heavy synthesizers to bang out nearly all their material, including hyped-up versions of “Broken Jaw” and “Helena Beat.” Finishing in the fashion that was expected, Foster the People returned to the stage after a moment to deliver a spirited rendition of their hipster hit turned mainstream anthem, “Pumped Up Kicks,” welcoming opening act Reptar to join them and close out the show.

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