Haunted Hip-Hop

The Saturday before Halloween is a big night for live music. If you’re into glitzy parties, you can spend Oct. 29 hanging at LAX with Ice-T and Coco or getting “Low” with Flo-Rida at Haze. But if you want to sooth your soul, you should check out local hip-hop band Rhyme N Rhythm’s (pictured) funkdafied Halloween bash at Revolution Lounge in The Mirage. Since forming back in 2007, the four MCs, female bass player, keyboardist and drummer have been buzzing in the underground local scene. They give an energetic stage show and boast a “Hip-Hop Funk Soul” sound, which might explain their nickname, the Soul Glo All-Stars. To thank the local hip-hop community for their support, RNR will provide an unlimited guest list and a $500 costume contest.

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Cadavers, Vibrators, Sheep (oh my!)


Cadavers, Vibrators, Sheep (oh my!)

By Jarret Keene

Like many Mac and iTunes users, I’ve been saddened by the death of Steve Jobs. But the loss of the music man responsible for technologizing my enjoyment of music in the last decade is something I’ll get over. While Jobs’ passing signals the end of an era in which I reconsidered my connection to digitized rock, this fact survives: Real music, live music, remains a sordid analog affair. As evidence, I cite this week’s offerings, which are dirtier and grittier and just plain stranger than usual.