Macabre Makeovers

Creatures so beautiful they'll stop you dead in your tracks. Vegas Seven consults our beauty experts on the best looks for a haunting holiday.

Photography by Jana Cruder | Retouched by Haoyuan Ren

It’s the one day you can transform into anyone or any thing you desire—whether spooky, sexy or both. In honor of Halloween, and in hopes of inspiring some fresh looks for Vegas partygoers, we hired a team of expert makeup artists to create creatures that are at once gorgeous and troubling. We dare you to conclude that they weren’t horrifyingly successful.

mg0674-edittomadd“Boey from the Blaque Moore”

Inspired by the terror that underwater creatures evoke, Boey was born out of the artist’s own fear of that which lurks beneath. To achieve this look: Make Up For Ever Wet Makeup. It sponges on beautifully and creates a flawless opaque finish.

Makeup by Jasmine Ringo for One Luv Agency using Make Up For Ever; Hair by Erin Barton; Model/Angelene Tasabia



mg1056-edit“Cirque du so DEAD”

This is where the circus meets the dark side: Kimberly is a ringmaster with a morbid twist. She greets guests under the big top and is a little more revealing than one would expect, unzipping her face to show her inner beauty. To create detail use: Make Up For Ever Wet Makeup with Make Up For Ever Mist and Fix to hold everything in place. Add to the grotesque vibe with Make Up For Ever Thick Blood.

Makeup by Nick Lujan for One Luv Agency; Hair by Marshall Vanierland; Model/Kimberly Yori


mg1114-edit“Walking Dead”

This character was inspired by Billy from the movie Hocus Pocus. A zombie crawls out of its grave and cuts the sutures that have silenced its voice for hundreds of years. To achieve this skin color: mix Make Up For Ever Flash Color in green, black and white and blend into a muted green. This technique is best applied with a sponge.

Makeup by Natasha Chamberlin for One Luv Agency; Hair by Marshall Vanierland; Model/Carla Chiron de la Casiniere; Rats provided/trained by Cathe B. Jones


mg0473-edittomadd“The Huntress”

This werewolf honey transforms in the light of the full moon, on a rampage to satisfy her hunger. She is captivating and sexy, and no man is safe. To create the appearance of hairy skin try Make Up For Ever Crepe Hair. Unravel the hair and pull apart; then apply spirit gum to the skin, let it set for 10 seconds and dabble on small pieces to get the desired look.

Makeup by Lijha Stewart for One Luv Agency; Hair by Shelby Kelsey; Model/Shayna Smith



This look was inspired by the Katy Perry song of the same name, although our alien is more scary than beautiful. An easy way to mimic an alien-shaped head is to use a bald cap to cover hair. Simply cut the edges of the cap half an inch around the entire head and then use Pros-Aide Cream to adhere.

Makeup and hair by Whitney Urichuk for One Luv Agency; Model/Katie Metchik