Sealing the Deal

Being a part of the White House presidential advance team means nailing every detail, right down to the decorations.

Here, the team prepares for President Obama’s speech Oct. 24 in an east Las Vegas neighborhood, where he addressed the home foreclosure crisis as part of his three-hour visit.

The president refrained from warning homeowners not to blow a bunch of money here.

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By Geoff Carter

It’s tough for me to write about websites like Draw a Stickman without giving away the thing that makes them so wonderful. Even if I were to describe it to you, it wouldn’t be as much fun as clicking over to the site, drawing a stickman using your mouse and following the instructions that pop up. You don’t have to be a great artist to enjoy the minor masterpiece that unfolds. You only have to have been 10 years old and stuck in a boring classroom, with only a No. 2 pencil and a Pee Chee folder to create a means of escape.