Styling for the rest of us

From time to time, you must overhaul your closet to create a new fashion paradigm. Revamping your wardrobe doesn’t necessarily mean going on a shopping spree. In a few hours a fashion professional, or even a friend, can provide a valuable second opinion that will help you weed out things that no longer belong. Additionally, investing in just one session with a professional stylist can help identify what’s in your drawers and show you how to use the resources you already own.

Here are seven reasons why it’s important to have another opinion—professional or otherwise—when it comes to getting dressed.

1. You budget for rent/mortgage, education and a car payment, so why would you spend money trying to get the job you want and not pay to look your best?

2. Most of us don’t have the luxury of being able to wear something only once, but you can use pieces again by changing the design or pairing them differently.

3. Identifying missing wardrobe staples will alleviate the frustration of a closet full of clothes with nothing great to wear.

4. Rather than spending a few hundred dollars on a few new pieces each season, the same amount can create countless looks that you already own. A short styling session can usually provide weeks or months of options that you never knew existed in your own closet.

5. Everyone gets stuck in a rut. Too often we find a “look” that works and then hit repeat. How often do you find yourself saying, “I looked so great yesterday that I am going to wear the same look in a different color today?”

6. We typically have more clarity on everyone else’s problems but our own.

7. Putting your own stamp on fashion is much more gratifying than copying the fashion sense of a mannequin. Being able to wear an identical item as a friend in a completely different way shows your individuality.