The Three Musketeers

(PG-13) ★☆☆☆☆

The classic novel is now a migraine of a movie, thanks to an awful script. The Musketeers are forgettable kill machines, Milady de Winter is played by Milla Jovovich, and even an unfortunate Christoph Waltz turn as Cardinal Richelieu can’t save a single scene. Clashing swords (3-D swords in your face!), purloined jewels and court intrigues no longer suffice in this one. Too much green-screen effects and bombastic nonsense.

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Of the 11 bands that performed on two stages—including Imagine Dragons, Avalon Landing, Mat Kearney, The Cab and O.A.R.—my two favorites were chanteuses Colbie Callait and Michelle Branch. Callait is at her best when it’s just her voice and her guitar, and that’s what we got for most of her set. The crowd swayed to the soothing sounds of her new single, “All of You.”