The Authority

There are two things about that amaze me. The first is that this venerable urban myth-busting website, which was already kind of old news when I got on the Web in May 1996, is still around and going strong. The other thing that amazes me is that so few of us actually make use of it. As I write these words, a rumor is circulating that Facebook intends to begin charging its users subscription fees; not only does Snopes debunk that untruth, it actually did so back in 2009, when the rumor emerged for the first time. Checking Snopes daily can be tiring, particularly since the site is kind of difficult to navigate—but the Snopes Twitter feed (@Snopes) is a wonderful thing that busts up rumors and untruths almost as quickly as Twitter and Facebook can propagate them. I can’t say if Twitter makes you smarter, but thanks to @Snopes, at least it won’t make you stupid.