Humphries taking divorce hard, cancels hosting gig at Chateau

Apparently Kris Humphries is taking the dissolution of his 72-day marriage to Kim Kardashian hard, because he’s canceling his hosting gig Nov. 5 at Chateau. Which is weird because we’ve had pets die in less time than that without sweating it. Just go to the store and get another hamster, buddy. It’ll be OK.

DJ Benny Benassi cannot be deterred from beats, and the laying down thereof. On Oct. 28 at Marquee, Benassi was in the middle of his set when someone in the crowd threw a glass that caught Benassi in the nose. Without missing a note, he kept going in his set while pressing a towel over his face. On Twitter, Benassi claimed his nose had been broken.

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Adrian Grenier calls Paris Hilton a genius (and means it)


Adrian Grenier calls Paris Hilton a genius (and means it)

By Jason Scavone

Entourage orphan Adrian Grenier screened his documentary Teenage Paparazzo at Chateau on Oct. 21 and held a Q&A with fans afterward. Someone asked him what he thought of Paris Hilton, and he said, “I think she’s a genius, and that Andy Warhol would have gone ape-shit over her. She is the postmodern queen of tabloid media.” So there it is—the first and probably last time in history that anyone, ever, has called Paris Hilton a genius.