It puts the lotion in the trick-or-treat basket

Somewhere, Buffalo Bill is smiling.

It was the ideal Halloween for the Silence of the Lambs serial killer, because he didn’t have to do any work at all to separate Heidi Klum from her skin. The model and all-around Halloween lunatic took care of that herself when she was rolled into Tao on a gurney Oct. 29.

When doctors pulled back a sheet, there was Klum, skinless. You know, we always said we wanted to see all the world’s models without their clothes. That’ll learn us.

Klum held her 12th annual Halloweenaganza in Vegas for the first time, and she was so excited she had her driver pull over after collecting her at the airport so she could send out a picture of her standing in front of a billboard for it on Twitter.

She continued to Tweet pictures for several hours while makeup artists airbrushed her head and she got into her body stocking before going down to the party proper—where she wore platform heels, because it’s more important than ever to have an ass that looks good when you can see actual gluteus maximus muscles.

The Roots’ drummer, Questlove, DJ’d the evening while attendees included Bethenny Frankel and husband, Jason Hoppy, as well as the two more Halloween appropriate choices of Howie Mandel, who was the voice of Gizmo in Gremlins, and Chad Kroeger, who is the sound that forces the damned out of hell to roam the earth every Oct. 31.

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