Martina McBride

Green Valley Ranch Grand Events Center, Oct. 28

The country music beauty blew the roof off the venue as her voice soared to the highest limits during her fun and folksy show. From the sweet a cappella whispering on “Whatever You Say” to the booming vocals that soared higher than the stratosphere on “Whatcha Gonna Do,” McBride displayed the amazing range of her pipes. The encore performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” even garnered a standing ovation.

Between songs, McBride’s sassiness entertained the audience. She picked on her younger brother/acoustic guitarist, Marty, and joked about how her teenage daughters drive her to drink (a reference to her song, “Teenage Daughters”). She also said she takes requests … as long as they’re on the back of casino chips.

Throughout, the songstress showed a special connection with her fans. She signed an autograph during “My Baby Loves Me.” And she invited the women in the audience to the front of the stage for “This One’s for the Girls.” They sang along and stayed there for the remainder of the set.

McBride’s many attributes came together for her new single “I’m Gonna Love You Through It,” from her latest release, Eleven. She says it’s her most personal album to date, and it shows. The result was a heartfelt and introspective look into the singer’s life, which allowed fans the pinnacle of musical bliss: an emotional connection.

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