Mini Duck Tacos, Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza

While the pizzas are always fantastic at this popular pizza joint, it’s the Mediterranean-inspired dishes that keep the menu interesting. Flavorful mini-duck tacos feature duck filet topped with feta, tomatoes and cabbage and a zingy tomato-cilantro sauce—all served in a cute little taco shell that makes this finger-food a great starter for the table.

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Bottles. Burgers. Boom!


Bottles. Burgers. Boom!

By Xania V. Woodman

What this town needs is more hamburger joints. Wait! Before you crumple this page, light it on fire and scream, “Surely you jest, madam!” consider this: Juicy, unique, gourmet burgers crafted by Daniel Boulud Brasserie alum Doug Vega that are stuffed with braised short rib or blue cheese. And what better to pair them with than perfectly sized half-bottles of wine? This is the burger joint, according to Ray Nisi and partners.