Minus the Bear

House of Blues, Oct. 30

The first few songs warmed up the crowd for the surprise of the evening: Lead vocalist/guitarist Jake Snider announced that in, honor of 10 years as a band, they would be playing their first album, Highly Refined Pirates (2002), in its entirety. The crowd burst into a roar of delight, and Minus the Bear burst into “Thanks for the Killer Game of Crisco Twister.” The next 40 minutes were filled with the Seattle quintet’s classics, including a slightly remixed version of “I Lost All My Money at the Cock Fights.” After finishing Pirates, the band—which is known for ZZ Top-style guitar dips, rock god skills and psychedelic light shows—played “My Time,” a sexually charged tune from their newest album, Omni. The final song of the night was “Pachuca Sunrise,” and the fans were more than pleased as they sang along.

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Anarchy, angst, asteroids, anvils


Anarchy, angst, asteroids, anvils

By Jarret Keene

Hometown boys (four of the five members reside in Las Vegas) Five Finger Death Punch confuse the hell out of me. Given the title, I’d hoped their new album, American Capitalist—released last week and recorded right here in Grammy-nominated producer Kevin Churko’s The Hideout studios—would capture the zeitgeist of our Occupy Wall Street era, focusing on the soft terrorism inflicted by NYC’s financial district. Instead 5FDP adopts an ambivalent attitude toward money. Sure, the band takes shots at superficial lifestyles.