Paranormal Activity 3

(R) ★★★☆☆

Modest, low-fi horror continues to find a friend in the cheapo but very shrewd Paranormal franchise. In this prequel, we get to know Toby, the unseen demonic frenemy haunting a young family. The cross-cutting between three surveillance camera setups—one near the kitchen, one in the girls’ bedroom, one in the adults’ bedroom—is more aggressive than in the first two films. These movies are not works of genius, but they are wily reminders of the virtues of restraint when you’re out for a scare.

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By Jason Scavone

Nikola Tesla has a posse. The father of alternating current, the induction motor and, quite possibly, the death ray is the most finely realized specimen of mad science who’s ever had the courtesy to leap out of the pages of the pulps and into real life. He also stands, alongside Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, as the spiritual totem of Steampunk, the genre that marries science fiction to Victorian convention. It’s kind of a reimagining of the whiz-bang Jet Age spirit of adventure and scientific can-do through the lens of Industrial Revolution technology.