Ropa Vieja, Havana Grill

A house favorite, Ropa Vieja (the name literally means “old clothes”) is a traditional Cuban meal consisting of thinly shredded beef simmered with tomatoes, bell peppers and onions in a tomato-wine sauce. It is served with either rice or beans. After dinner, when the sun goes down, the setting here rapidly changes into a Latin club full of live music and the Havana rumba!

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Bottles. Burgers. Boom!


Bottles. Burgers. Boom!

By Xania V. Woodman

What this town needs is more hamburger joints. Wait! Before you crumple this page, light it on fire and scream, “Surely you jest, madam!” consider this: Juicy, unique, gourmet burgers crafted by Daniel Boulud Brasserie alum Doug Vega that are stuffed with braised short rib or blue cheese. And what better to pair them with than perfectly sized half-bottles of wine? This is the burger joint, according to Ray Nisi and partners.