The venture of Milo and Eddie

We’ve repeatedly heard that Vegas is the new dance-music capital of North America, if not the world. Top DJ/producers from around the world are taking over at major nightclubs here. Renowned national and international nightlife brands are planting their flags up and down the Strip. But what about the local turntablists?

“There’s a huge gap in the marketing representing Vegas talent,” says local DJ/producer Eddie McDonald who, along with Milo “Mighty Mi” Berger, is poised to launch their label, Tribute Recordings, focusing specifically on Las Vegas artists. “The locals are the backbone in keeping these clubs going for the past several years. I think a lot of the talent that built Vegas is being overlooked and not represented properly. We want to bring exposure to local talent.” “We’ve both been resident DJs for years now in Vegas,” Berger says. “We’ve seen the trend change from open format to house. We’re seeing these big dance-music DJs come through our clubs and we said to each other, ‘Vegas is now the dancemusic capital of the U.S. and [Las Vegas itself] is not being represented.’”

To remedy that, Tribute Recordings plans to release one free track each week through Soulspazm distribution to get the word out. Additionally, they’re creating a compilation album with tracks from some of Vegas’ heavy hitters, including DJ Vice, Five, Scene and, of course, McDonald and Mighty Mi.

“For us to have something of our own is a first in this city,” Berger says. “No one really claims Vegas and it lacks a community.”