Molly Ancell and her son Cameron and daughter Audrey

She’s the publicist for O by Cirque du Soleil. Cameron is a student, and Audrey is a future Project Runway winner, according to mom. Their ages: 27, 6 and 3.

Style icons: My daughter, Audrey Katharine, was named after the actresses Katharine and Audrey Hepburn. Their style is timeless.

What they’re wearing now: (Molly) Kate Spade dress and Alfani heels; (Cameron) Tommy Hilfiger shirt and jeans and Gap sandals; (Audrey) Gap dress and Michelangelo shoes.

As a young mother of two, Molly says she’s often taken to be her children’s older sister. And as a lady on the go, she dresses for what the day has in store. “I can’t live without my little black dress. It’s classic and always my first choice.” As for her little one, Audrey is the consummate girly girl. “She dresses herself for school, and a tutu is usually involved,” Molly says. A lack of fashion choice for boys means her son doesn’t get to be so creative. “Cameron is stuck with a lot of button-down shirts and jeans.”