Montana’s Back Pages

Montana Black doesn’t really need a Tumblr account. The Boulder City-based artist has a website (, an Etsy page ( and a number of paintings from her “Angels Unveiled” series on permanent display inside University Medical Center. While the extra exposure afforded by a Tumblr is nice, that doesn’t seem to be the reason Black is using the visually based blogging service. Rather, she uses it to credit and celebrate her influences. Every now and again she’ll post one of her own works, but she always does so in the context of the art that created that art, whether it’s a piece of music by Ennio Morricone or something Luna Lovegood said in one of the Harry Potter books. Black’s Tumblr is, in essence, her liner notes: She uses it to reveal the method of her invention, to reflect light back to every guiding star that illuminated her.