Orange, Like Clockwork

The Funny Guy, as served at the Barrymore in the Royal House at the Royal Resort, $10.50

Orange all day. That’s the general idea for Block 16 Hospitality Group manager Hugo Moreno’s creation, the Funny Guy cocktail, which blends freshly squeezed orange juice with Cointreau—a triple sec liqueur created from bitter oranges—and tops it off with aromatic bitters. “I like classic cocktail combinations with subtle twists that make you reminisce and give you a sense of familiarity, while giving you a new experience,” Moreno says. And it’s true, there isn’t anything too unfamiliar here. Moreno then combines those simple ingredients with Zaya rum to introduce all kinds of flavors that marry well with orange.

“I have always loved the nice flavors of Zaya, especially when it was being produced in Guatemala. Today’s version that comes from Trinidad has kept faithful to the old flavors, except it now tends to have more vanilla, and white chocolate notes,” says Moreno, who was born in Bolivia and grew up in Colombia and California. “The soft vanilla aroma of the rum intermingled with the spiciness of the Old Fashioned bitters and crispness of the citrus oils hits you before you take your first sip.” Such a wise guy.

Directions: In a rocks glass build 1¼ ounces Zaya rum, ¾ ounce Cointreau and 1½ ounces freshly squeezed and strained orange juice. Stir and add three drops of Fee Brothers Old Fashioned bitters.

Mis en Place

Zaya Rum

From the Barrymore in the Royal House to Bond in the Cosmopolitan, Zaya rum is being embraced by the hip, young and connected set. The Trinidadian rum is aged for at least 12 years in lightly charred white oak former bourbon barrels, and has notes of vanilla, bourbon, caramel and honey. Zaya is also about to play a starring role in one of the most important cocktail projects in Las Vegas, as the Cosmo gets ready to lay down its first barrel-aged cocktail. The 12-Year Itch—a 3:2:1 blend of Zaya, Fernet Branca and Carpano Antica Formula—will rest for at least two months in a 56-liter Templeton rye barrel after which the aged cocktail will be decanted and served in the new year at the Cosmo’s new high-stakes gaming room, the Talon Club, and later at Vesper, Bond and in the High Limit room.