Sky-High Hops

The quality of the video is not the greatest, but UNLV forward Jarvis Basnight’s soaring dunk over University of Pacific defender James Gleaves on Jan. 30, 1988, might be the most spectacular jam in college basketball history. Heck, the video is even titled “Best College Hoops Play Ever.” When one man flies over the head of another, it’s hard to disagree.

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Hey, Match THIS Pledge …

Hey, Match THIS Pledge …

It’s that time of year again, when one of my favorite things in the world—National Public Radio—becomes the most irritating. For what seems like all of autumn, one of the smartest, classiest, most progressive media institutions of our time resorts to the fundraising method that’s a blend of used-car salesmanship, church collection plate and Hee Haw.



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