Studio 54 down to 58 days

Club longevity tends to be measured in dog years, if the dog in question had a crippling drinking problem and was in debt to several loan sharks (who were actual sharks—we’re running this animals-as-people metaphor as deep into the ground as possible).

Studio 54 at MGM Grand has endured, however, while contemporary after contemporary fell by the wayside. Since its grand opening on New Year’s Eve 1997 (and a soft opening that November), 54 has held on for 14 years. Or, seven Christian Audigier the Nightclubs, if you prefer.

But it looks like that time is drawing to a close.

Staff members are said to have been informed in a Nov. 4 pre-shift meeting that the club’s last night of operation will be Jan. 7, marking one last Saturday night for the old girl. Rumors concerning the fate of the property have focused on a renovation and rebranding of the space.

A spokeswoman for MGM Grand has declined comment.

As if to underscore just how ephemeral life can be for a Las Vegas nightclub, the Tropicana parted ways with the Nikki Beach brand after just four months of operation for the day-club and its attendant nightclub, or 1/42 of a Studio 54.

Although it seemed content enough to hang on to the venue names in the meantime, the Trop announced in October a new nightlife team consisting of former Hard Rock director of customer development Richard Wilk, former BASE Entertainment marketing executive Anthony Pecora and Joe Bravo, formerly of Chateau, Pure and Studio 54. Now the Trop has announced that Club Nikki will take the name RPM, under the helm of its new squad.

RPM opens Dec. 30, and if it can get to Labor Day without major incident, it’ll be doing swimmingly compared with its predecessor.

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