In Time

(PG-13) ★★★☆☆

In this sci-fi thriller, time is the new currency, spent and borrowed like money. Each person’s forearm is digitally stamped with a countdown clock. Just before committing suicide, a stranger gifts Will (Justin Timberlake) 100 years. A lawman (Cillian Murphy) suspects Will of murder. On the run, Will takes a rich man’s daughter (Amanda Seyfried) hostage and the duo goes Robin Hooding. Writer-director Andrew Niccol has a good premise, but his technique is lacking.

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Martina McBride

By Jack Halloween

The country music beauty blew the roof off the venue as her voice soared to the highest limits during her fun and folksy show. From the sweet a cappella whispering on “Whatever You Say” to the booming vocals that soared higher than the stratosphere on “Whatcha Gonna Do,” McBride displayed the amazing range of her pipes. The encore performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” even garnered a standing ovation.