Highs and Lows from the GCU game

High: Justin Hawkins mistaking himself for Rebel legend Fearless Freddie Banks and scoring 25 points to lead UNLV.

Low: The shot that the real Fearless Freddie (UNLV 1983-87) took in the Legends (a.k.a. old-timers) game at halftime. Let’s just pretend that didn’t happen.

Low: The moment in the first half when it sounded like the Rebels were playing in a high school gym. In Phoenix.

High: The moment in the second half when the Rebels went into a timeout with a 61-49 lead and Rebel fans realized that November had arrived and the large building they were in was, indeed, a basketball arena.

Low: Stadium emcee Chet Buchanan shouting something about cheap sandwiches or used cars—honestly, I forget—while the band tried to accompany the Rebel cheerleaders’ first timeout performance of the season.

Lower: The 6-foot-4 dude using the lone kiddie urinal in a restroom that was nearly empty—except for the three kids waiting to use the kiddie urinal.

High: Warren Rosegreen (1995-97) playing with the verve of a 22-year-old in the Legends game.

Low: The uneasy sense that, at halftime, with the Rebels leading Division II Grand Canyon University by just one point, Rosegreen was the best basketball player in the building.

High: Rebel newcomer Mike Moser channeling Rosegreen—who had 21 rebounds in a 1997 game against Fresno State—and pulling down 20 boards.

Higher: Kendall Wallace’s two first-half 3-pointers.

Highest: The great Eldridge Hudson (1982-87), Wallace’s brother in the fraternity of rebuilt knees, hitting a “jumper” in the Legends game.

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