Danny Gutierrez, 15


His story: Danny is a big part of his community, especially at his home away from home, the Winchester Cultural Community Center, where the street skater lets loose while training with his 12-member team. His stellar performances at local competitions (three first-place finishes in the intermediate division in the past two years) have put him on the Southern Nevada skating map, and he is in the running for the Winchester team’s Skater of the Year. But Danny also has a passion for service: He volunteers at the center, doing everything from gardening to filming concerts. He also shares his sport by donating skateboards to underprivileged kids across the Valley.

School: Valley High School, sophomore

Extras: In 2007, his father died of a heart attack, leaving him and his 18-year-old brother, Richie, to look after their two younger siblings. He has become a role model for them with his athletics, community service and music. He also plays the violin, played baseball at Valley High School and performed as section leader in the school’s Mariachi Club.

What he’ll be doing in 10 years: “I plan to be in architecture, and I would love to focus that all on designing skate parks.”

What they’re saying about him: “I see him being fantastically successful in some creative art field, probably graphic design,” says Hektor Esparza, Danny’s skate team mentor. “He is a hard-core street skater, and it’s a part of his life. He works on a trick or a style until he gets it, just for the pure satisfaction of it all.”